Friday, 19 April 2013

Slowly Thawing Out

I thought Spring had finally arrived two days ago - puddles were everywhere along with potholes, birds were singing, snowbanks were getting smaller, and I even went to work one day without my winter coat and boots! I also happened to spy two intrepid motorcyclists this week - one was a dual sport with the rider all bundled up, and the other, one of those huge cruisers with two guys in leather jackets and 3/4 face helmets - I could see they had very red faces from the cold. 

Then it snowed again last night, covering all the previously exposed bits of road and lawn. I guess we all got a little too excited that we might actually be on our bikes on May 1, sigh...will it ever go away?

My Suzuki is still slumbering comfortably next to the snow blower which has seen a lot of action this winter. Apparently our city has broken a record for snowfall from the mid-1950s! Everyone here says it has been the longest winter of their lives. 

I think it will now be closer to June 1 for the first riding day. The thawing has exposed main streets that are full of tons of sand that was sprinkled over the winter for traction. It will take a good rainfall (perhaps more than one) before I will feel comfortable getting out on that slippery surface. Most of the side streets are still covered in snow ruts that will take out your suspension or strand you if you choose the wrong path. 

I have told my coworkers that I am done, done with shoveling until December 1. Then I remembered we have to still move snow away from the house so that when it does start to melt faster, we will not have a flooded basement. My husband has decided he will have to buy some new shovels and a roof rake in the fall, they are all completely done too after so much use. I will even have to buy a new ice scraper for my car, the edge is gone, it just doesn't work anymore.

It's that time of year, when in the morning you are walking very gingerly down the sidewalk covered in ice (know of a few people who have broken wrists, legs and arms from a spill), but then by the afternoon, those same puddles are wet and I'm skipping through them like a six year old. 

So, that has been my moto report for the month. I will be visiting my fellow moto-bloggers sites to keep up with their news, just have been extremely busy lately with work stuff and collapse into bed at the end of the day.

Wishing you all a good day in your part of the world!