Sunday, 2 December 2012

Good Morning Everyone!

I started this blog as something to do until I can actually get back on my '09 Suzuki Gladius. As many of you know - who live in the parts of North America that get snow from October to April - you cannot just hop on your bike and go for a spin any time you like this time of year.  All we can do is dream and go out to the garage/shed where our bike is being stored, and give it a loving pat and tell it we have not forgotten about them.

It is Sunday morning and this is the time I would normally already be out on the bike.  So, since I cannot ride through the snow, I will type and tell you about my bike if you care to sit and read while you too are waiting for the snow to go away.  

The day I spied this beauty on the dealer's website, I had such a feeling of relief. Do you know that feeling when you absolutely know that this is the right decision? I had been looking for a bike in my price range and that would work for the kind of riding I like to do.  I discovered this website Motorcycle Ergonomics from reading one of my favourite blogs that helped me out in deciding what would work. 

I've enjoyed the bike these last two years (well seasons, since we can't ride all year here) and would not trade it in for anything else. More stories later...have a good one...



  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.

    I find it is a great place to connect with other like-minded readers and share your stories.

    It also acts an a moto-journal to keep a record of places your've been and photos you take.

    I've linked you on my blog side-bar so hopefully that will send some blog traffic your way.


    1. Well thank you Trobairitz, much appreciated! It is nice to "speak" with other motorcyclists and read about their daily lives with their bikes. Have a good one...