Thursday, 7 March 2013

Insurance Follies: Part Two

There's been a glimmer of hope for an adjustment on the sky-high insurance rates - that has definitely lifted my spirits.

Our local newspaper announced last Saturday that the provincial government is going to revisit motorcycle insurance rates. Apparently the MLAs (Members of the Legislative Assembly) are reporting a lot of feedback on the issue, and not just from those who are riders, but from others in general who note that these increases seem to be very high. The move has prompted a huge backlash from bike enthusiasts and business owners. It was suggested the rates be gradually phased in to cover the shortfall. (Yeah, no kidding!)

On the roster for more debate when the politicians get to their meetings next week

1) rewarding motorcyclists who have taken training courses
2) selling different types of licenses - pay a premium to insure lost income from a crash injury
3) increase training before granting a license to get out on the road

Good news indeed and now I'm off to test out the winter tires again...have a great day!


  1. Hope those winter tires got a good work out Suzu!!

    Looks like things are being worked out without just going ahead and doing whatever they like. Nice

    1. The tires sure did. The intersections were icy yesterday and the ABS brakes make the tires do their thing - a few times.

      Yes, nice to hear that calmer heads are prevailing with more common sense...

  2. I sure hope they do come up with a better plan. It would such to have to deal with those insurance issues.

    Let's keep our fingers crossed they listen to their constituents and not what big business/insurance wants.

  3. A better plan has to be in reach, it was too much of an increase for good business as you say. Someone is definitely behind the scenes applying some pressure me thinks.

    My husband has heard that more people in our city have approached dealerships and have put their bikes on consignment. They are done with riding...

    Perhaps it may work in his favour to get a good deal on a bigger bike (definitely a cruiser though as the rates are cheaper than a sports bike).

  4. Suzu:

    I think they are going to "back down" a bit from what I have read. I hope so

    Most accidents are caused by cagers making left turns in front of bikers.

    Hope your husband gets a good deal on a larger bike. That way he can keep up with you. People selling their bikes are panicking. They should wait until the dust settles first

    good luck

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Yes, I'm hoping for a good deal for him too for highway travel, he would enjoy it more...his smaller cc engine just screams at 100 kph and it's disconcerting to him a little. Then he's fighting the wind which can be a trial for my heavier bike some days too.

    The people who are selling should wait for a bit, but maybe have been on the fence about whether to ride or not anyway, and this has just made the decision easier for them. I always see ads: Selling as no time to ride. I feel bad though that they have been forced to do this if they really do love to ride...

    We'll be patient too to see what happens - meeting in one month.

  6. thanks for share..