Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Is Winter Over Yet?

I still have just a few more stories to tell of riding in my first two years, but at this moment, they don't seem as interesting to write about. 

I find myself looking at books of traveling these days - looking at pictures of places where you can put your sandals on and just wander. 

This was taken at Banff a few years ago - awesome trip. Next time I go, I'm hiking up that trail that you can just spot through the trees at the bottom of the picture. 

I spied these birds one morning looking as if they were talking to one another and had landed at the wrong airport: "Holy cow, when I get my hands on that travel agent, someone's going to be sorry!" I had never seen them here before in my province.

I will get a shot of this same vista about mid-July, covered in flowers and greenery and compare for you. Provincial Parliament Buildings.

Yep, I've officially hit the winter blues, inspiration has left the building!  

Have a good one... 



  1. Suzu:

    Wow ! so much snow. No wonder you're blue. You need a snowmobile, sort of like riding and all you have to do is to keep between the trees.

    I'm like you, on vacation I don't bring any shoes, just shorts and sandals.

    I'm going let you hike by yourself. I'd rather take the cable car and wait at the top. The hiking looks too tiring

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Yes! I had thought of getting a snowmobile because then I could really say "I ride all year"! But I know it would just be too cold for me - I'm still a B.C. girl at heart.

      All this snow will turn into water in a month...bring on the gum boots (for me) and a fresh towel after every dog walk (for Toby, our dog). It's being able to get out for a walk without the cold and wind biting at your face that makes me blue...it's been too long...but spring is coming, I just have to hang in there for another month.

      I loved the cable car ride, but my husband and daughter did not love it so much, and were very happy to put their feet on solid ground again!

  2. Don't feel bad. We have no snow on the ground and I don't have blogging inspiration either.

    I miss Banff, I haven't been there in years. We used to do the brunch at the Banff Springs Hotel on Christmas Eve with my mom when she lived in Calgary. Talk about over eating.

    1. What a great memory of being there on Christmas Eve...must have been a very quiet car on the way home except for some groaning! Banff is very busy but so lovely and a nice break from flat.

      Inspiration will come back, it will just take one day of warmer air and I will start to feel better...thank you for your kind words.

  3. Awww Suzu I'd like to feel sorry for you but, since I have only ever seen snow once in my life I cant help but be a bit envious. Your photo's make the snow look so beautiful particularly the top one.

    And you still get birds .. the only thing you need is an all weather bike and you're all set!

    Hope spring hurries up for you :)

    1. How about a house swap? Just kidding, but oh, the possibilities...

      The park is close to where I work so it is a nice escape for a coffee or lunch break. I just take pictures with my cell phone, so some are better than others. I've never taken the time to learn photography so maybe this is something to do when I'm not on the bike...hhmmmm

      Yes, when I step outside some mornings, I am always surprised to hear birds - I wonder where the little things live in such frigid temperatures? I'll have to ask my mom what kind of birds those are, she's a walking bird encyclopedia!

      An all weather bike - I'm having visions of something like a James Bond kind of bike - where you can press a few buttons and presto! Rocket launcher and skis.

      Spring will be here in about a month...can't wait.